Posted by: Bobbi McCormick | March 16, 2008

St Patty’s Day with the McCormick’s

What are the odds of a red head Irish being born on St. Patty’s Day? Well we have one of those odds. Matt was born on St. Patty’s day which is actually a pretty interesting holiday please read below:

Patrick’s mission in Ireland lasted for over 20 years.He died on March 17, AD 461.That day has been commemorated as St. Patrick’s Day ever since. The day’s spirit is to celebrate the universal baptization of Ireland.Though originally a Catholic holy day,St. Patrick’s Day has evolved into more of a secular holiday. Or, rather, ‘be an Irish Day ‘.And the Irish has borne it as part of their national tradition in everywhere they populated and prospered.

The Catholic feast day for this most loved of Irish saints has become a holiday in celebration of the Irish and Irish culture. The leprechaun, a Celtic fairy, has become entrenched as a chief symbol for this holiday, as is the shamrock, an ancient symbol for the triple goddess Brigit. It is fitting that this holiday should fall at the time of the year when the return of spring begins to seem at hand.

PhotobucketWell to celebrate Matt’s birthday this year we went to a St. Patty’s day feast! Up in Oak Glen they put on a dinner that celebrates this holiday, with leper cons, dancing, food, history, and so much more. Matt and I took my parents with us for this grand adventure. My step dad’s birthday is on Tuesday the 18th so we made it a family affair. We showed up around seven and we were seated in the family’s fine barn. I felt like I took a step back in to town. All the employees were dressed in the traditional Irish garb. Their accents were superb, and their body language was excellent! They gave is two challenges, the first was to find four leper cons during dinner and ask them their name, age, career, and where they were hiding their gold. The second was to write an Irish limerick and present it at the end of the night. We were all up for the challenge. We ate, laughed, chatted, and danced the night away and Irish dancing is actually a lot like line dancing with an Irish hop. Matt had a wonderful time celebrating with his family and fellow Irish men. I think the best part of the night was that when it was time to read our limericks, I got up all brave and such to read out loud what I had created. It truly was a ridiculous poem, but because my family has some pretty large lungs, I won! So we got to take home a 5lb. homemade apple pie, which by the way goes very well with a cup of coffee for breakfast. We took home are winnings and rested full and satisfied. O the Luck of the Irish!

Posted by: Bobbi McCormick | March 9, 2008

House Warming Party

PhotobucketSo yesterday we held our very first house warming party. It was a hit! We had family and friends trickle in to see our new place. It was a lot of fun, finally having people over. We hadn’t had any one over so it was nice to give them the grand tour. We are really settling in here in Yucaipa. Last weekend we had a yard sale, and got to meet all of our neighbors. They came over and introduced themselves to us which made us feel very welcome. The neighborhood is so great, we have two couples across the street that just PhotobucketPhotobuckethad their fist babies, a retired pastor next door, and some folks that have been here for 35 years!! They talked about how they used to have block parties but then they died down. Well now that were in the neighborhood were going to have to bring them back! The winter was full of rain, and now spring is quickly approaching. Lots of flowers and sunny skies, the way California should be. I was starting to get tired of all the rain. I know that if we were in Memphis we would be wearing our winter coats, but today the high is 70 degrees, so I think I’ll wear shorts, hehe.

I am so excited about this month, God is truly been blessing Matt and I with some great opportunities. My brother Stephen is living with us while he gets his feet in the ground, and it has been a lot of fun having him around. I know that God has him with us for a season, and I want to make sure not to miss any opportunity to share Gods love with him. I miss all of you in Memphis, and I hope that you are planning your summer vacations with California in mind;)

Posted by: Bobbi McCormick | March 9, 2008

We bought our first house!

Matt and I bought a HOUSE! I can hardly believe it myself. Matt and I were searching the market; I probably had the bug more then Matt did (women are shoppers by nature) and was house hunting like crazy. We love the house we live in now, but we rent it for what we could be paying a mortgage to own a house. The Lord does work in mysterious ways though, Matt and I had found the most beautiful house in downtown Redlands and we were really hoping to get it, but someone else put in offer down so we didn’t get it. At that point I slowed down my search and gave it to God. I felt like the searching was over. It’s hard for Matt to understand how a house here in California can cost 300k and be so small in comparison to the homes that were in Memphis for 300k. But the more he saw the more he understood. About two weeks ago Matt and I went with our realtor to look at homes in Redlands and in Yucaipa, the first couple we saw was ok and we really saw some huge potential in one of them but it would have been a real fixer upper. At this point I didn’t really care if we moved right away; I was waiting for the perfect house no matter how long it took. So then the next day we went and looked at some more homes in Yucaipa the city right above Redlands, the first home we walked in the first thing we thought was “when do we sign the papers!”. The home was nothing special on the outside but when we walked in we felt right at home. The whole house has been remodeled into the most charming house I have ever been in. And that’s the perfect word for this home, charming. The owners are Christians and  and when Matt went over to the house for the inspection the owner of the house prayed with Matt. We are so excited about moving, and can’t wait to have you all over soon!

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