About the McCormicks


We are newlyweds learning more about each other and the Lord every new day. We have an adorable puppy named Bosco, after the resteraunt Matt and I had our first date. . At this point in our lives, we are living and serving in Yucaipa California. I am working as an elementary teacher, and Matt is the owner of his own business Modern Messengers. We, as a couple, love to have friends and family over as much as possible, to laugh and relax with. We just bought our first house and can’t wait to have them all over. Our goal for this life together is to serve God with our entirety and leave a legacy that carries on after we are gone.




  1. Hey,

    You look so beautiful in your wedding photo!!!! I got your site from Teracita… anyhow I don’t know if you have the same email address I know that I wanted to say happy birthday to you last saturday but didn’t know how to reach. Catch me up on your life when you have a chance, I would love to hear from you.

    with love,
    Martha “marrrta”

  2. Hi Bobbi,
    You guys look like you are such a happy and blessed couple, and I hope that as you celebrate five years together, God has blessed you throughout your marriage. I have a question for you, and please don’t feel pressured. The reason I came across your blog is because I am looking to start my own, for more than personal use. I want to tell the story of the world, each individual sending in stories and me posting them until I have gained so much knowledge about so many precious and beautiful lives. I want to title this project “The Story Of Us” and would really love to use your url. If you could please get back to me on whether or not you are willing to sacrifice this web page for me, I would really love to know. Please email me at kmhavlik@aol.com or contact me via my personal blog. Thank you again, I hope you guys have a happy and blessed life together.

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