Posted by: Bobbi McCormick | June 1, 2008


As summer is quickly approaching us it leads me to think about our first year of marriage. I can hardly believe that it has been one year. Matt and I often joke about how we feel like we have been married for years, because we feel so close to one another. I have to say that is one of the amazing things about marriage, closeness. I think a lot of people date or are married for many years and never experience true closeness or intimacy. It’s not really something that you should necessarily have to work at, but at the same time you do. It can come naturally as you spend time with one another, but it’s that time and energy spent together that produces it. Because as a married couple you see each other a lot you don’t have to put too much effort in being in the same proximity of each other. But I do know couples that live together and might even be in the same room together but are not “close” to one another. I am so happy and rejoice in the fact that Matt and I love being close to one another and feel close. I can not tell you how blessed I feel that God has helped Matt and I get through this year with one another.

Now in saying this I do not mean to come across that Matt and I have the perfect marriage because believe me we have a lot to work on. But what I am learning is that it’s not really so much the marriage that people have to work on, it’s themselves. When people in marriage, including us, have to deal with situations it usually starts within in one of the spouses. I think the more we try and place blame or find vices in one another the more we hurt one another. We need to work on our own vices, and our own flaws and grow closer to God. The minuet we think that we are better then we are, or that our spouse should be perfect is when we will get hurt and end up hurting each other. I know that I am constantly dealing with challenges that are not too much different then when I was single, but now those challenges and struggles are not only effecting me they are effecting another person as well.

Having true closeness and intimacy with our spouse starts with our relationship with the Lord. We must start with drawing near to God so that we can grow closer to out spouse because of Gods grace and mercy. I know that all of  this might not make complete sense but if you can walk away from this and remember one thing then remember this, being married means you GET to be close to someone and share life with them, don’t miss out on that! But even better being alive means you get to be close to our MAKER and you don’t want to miss out on that type of love for a lifetime!

” Your unfailing love is better to me than life itself; how I praise you!”
Psalm 63:3


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