Posted by: Bobbi McCormick | May 18, 2008

Quality Time


 Americas Next Top Models

Americas\'s Next Top Models

“I think some times I forget how important it is to let God plan my life, and I shouldn’t even say my life I should say this life. It is important to plan out what you will do each day therefore not to squander away all the little time that you have, but it is also important to remember that just because you plan it doesn’t mean that the Holy Spirit can’t come in and shake things up a bit for Gods glory.” This is something that I have said many times, but God continues to teach it to me daily. I think all too often I forget to sit and be still and just let God work. I forget to look around and see the beautiful things that God has all around us. I have to say Matt and I are so blessed to have  people in our lives that continue to, encourage us, and love on us. We are very busy but it’s not alone it’s with other wonderful people that are all round us. I realized how much I plan plan plan, and there is nothing wrong with planning but sometimes you have to let go…..

I love being married, I think it has allowed Matt and I the oppertunity to see God’s love through eachothers actions. I think marriage in itself is a reflection of Gods covenent with us. I do have to say that one of my greatest challanges is using Matt as my securtity blancket, instead of letting God be that security. I think that I rely on Matt so much to be with me that I forget that God is realy the only one who can save me from all there is in this world. I love Matt and I love that I feal so secure when I am with him, but God is and should be my ultimate savior, not my husband.

Marriage is so flipping awesome though, you have someone that loves all the good and bad things about you. I know that I am a women and sometimes I can be difficult to live with at times, but Matt loves me even through those not so pleasant times( they don’t happen all too often;)). Matt and I love spending time together whether were eating dinner together, going to a baseball game, or just napping together. I think that quality time with your spouse is a must because the busyness of everyday can keep you from knowing your love. Just like when you get too busy to read your Bible or go to Church. Not that those things make you a “better” Christian, but those things are a must to stay close and connected to God. I don’t ever want us to get so busy things in this life that we neglect the important things for the next. I just challenge everyone married or single to spend quality time in Gods word and with the loves in your life, you don’t get a second chance this life is it!


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