Posted by: Bobbi McCormick | May 5, 2008

Race Day!

Let the races begin! So today Matt and I took on the Run through Redlands, Matt the 5k and Me the 10k. This was Matt’s first race and he did amazing I am so proud of him! He got 9th in his division and uner 30 minutes! This was my second 10k and I got 2nd in my division and finished in 45 minuets, two minutes faster then my last, so I was so stoked to have PR’d! We had so much fun doing this together, and I know there will be many more to come (well at least for me). Later today we played together on my coed softball team we were soar but we survived. I still need a lot of practice, but Matt hit a grand slam and stole the show. We got asked to play on the summer leauge too! I might be a great runner, but Matt is the baller for sure!

The Finish! 

Redlands Runners



Matt running his first 5k!



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