Posted by: Bobbi McCormick | May 4, 2008

Introducing the McCormicks

Hey friends and family! I’m Bobbi McCormick married to Matt obviously! Matt and I have been married 7 months now and I’m still loving it!  Matt has been a women’s dream, and I wouldn’t want to do life without him. He makes coffee for me every morning, and continues to show me love beyond my understanding. I am so blessed to be married to a God fearing and encouraging man. I cannot imagine my life without him. I am currently working as an elementary teachers assistant at a Montessori school in Redlands, and am now starting my own side business called Need-A-Sitter. Check out my amazing website created by the hubby, Matt is still working hard at his own business, Modern Messengers(

Matt and I are loving life here in California, Matt is fitting in well. It’s so great to be home with all my family, I have four brothers and I am the oldest. I think that having a huge family is an amazing gift from God, and my family continues to show me so much love and support, I love you guys! I also am blessed to have some of the greatest friends a girl can have! I am excited about the next steps in life that God has in store for Matt and I, no matter where they take us.

I wanted to start getting more serious about blogging because, I know that it is one of  the best ways for me to communicate to all of our friends across the country. I also don’t want this to be the only way to communicate I promise to call as well and it’s also kinda of an outlet for me to jot stuff down.  Please feel free to sign up and let us know you’re out there reading! We love you all. May the Lord bless you and keep you.


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