Posted by: Bobbi McCormick | April 17, 2008

Active April

What a crazy and amazing month it l has been already! Matt and I have been trying to come up for air these past couple weeks, and it has been a lot of fun for sure! Matt has been playing softball on a local team on Tuesday nights, which is an answer to so many of his prayers, and mine:) We played ultimate Frisbee with some friends on Saturday, and discovered how old we are, no just kidding we kept up with all the college kids.

I started running with a group of girls in the morning, and I am getting so excited about training again! I am going to run in the Run-Through-Redlands Race, on May 4th, just the 10k though. Then train for a half marathon in June! I also got asked to join a softball team in Redlands on Sunday nights, I am little nervous but I am sure it will be a bunch of fun!

Matt and I have also found a home Church in Beaumont called Sanctuary, we knew from the minute we walked in, that it was where God wanted us. We are already getting plugged in with the couple’s ministry and going camping at the end of the month woot woot I love camping! Last but certainly not least, its that time again, BASEBALL SEASON! Matt and I got a small season packet of tickets to the Dodgers as a Christmas gift, and we got to start the season off this past Monday, the Dodgers lost but I got to have a Dodger Dog and a beer so I was happy! I am so excited that Matt and I are getting out and getting involved, I feel like we are truly living the active, youthful life God has intended for us!

I know that I am turning 26 this Sunday but I have never felt younger:)


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