Posted by: Bobbi McCormick | March 9, 2008

House Warming Party

PhotobucketSo yesterday we held our very first house warming party. It was a hit! We had family and friends trickle in to see our new place. It was a lot of fun, finally having people over. We hadn’t had any one over so it was nice to give them the grand tour. We are really settling in here in Yucaipa. Last weekend we had a yard sale, and got to meet all of our neighbors. They came over and introduced themselves to us which made us feel very welcome. The neighborhood is so great, we have two couples across the street that just PhotobucketPhotobuckethad their fist babies, a retired pastor next door, and some folks that have been here for 35 years!! They talked about how they used to have block parties but then they died down. Well now that were in the neighborhood were going to have to bring them back! The winter was full of rain, and now spring is quickly approaching. Lots of flowers and sunny skies, the way California should be. I was starting to get tired of all the rain. I know that if we were in Memphis we would be wearing our winter coats, but today the high is 70 degrees, so I think I’ll wear shorts, hehe.

I am so excited about this month, God is truly been blessing Matt and I with some great opportunities. My brother Stephen is living with us while he gets his feet in the ground, and it has been a lot of fun having him around. I know that God has him with us for a season, and I want to make sure not to miss any opportunity to share Gods love with him. I miss all of you in Memphis, and I hope that you are planning your summer vacations with California in mind;)



  1. Hey McCormick’s!! It has been very exciting to see how the Lord has been working in your lives! I love keeping up with all that is going on with you two, so I was glad to find your blog! We need to see more pictures of your new house!! Enjoy the warm weather for us!

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